We aim to become your trusted advisor for your information & cybersecurity needs.

As Information & Cyber Security is becoming critical in every business, we help by understanding your technology challenges in the context of your business goals. Working collaboratively, we'll define an information security strategy and deliver effective, practical, and creative solutions for your company. We find any vulnerabilities and breaches with our newest burned sands service fire tower SaaS-based tool set, which provides a free informational & cybersecurity check-up on your business footprint on the Internet. Use the Contact Us form below to get started right away.

Strategic Controls

We aim to become your trusted advisor when building and maintaining your strategic controls. Our team has many years of deep-rooted experience in helping companies navigate the complex and evolving world of information and cyber security controls. Our team has experience from working in simpler starter level controls such as CIS to full level certified ISO 27001 control frameworks.

In the creation and setup of new Information security frameworks it always is our stated goal to bring your team through the whole process of creation and implementation of the controls to get the maximum buy in from the business.

We also do internal audit and risk reviews to various frameworks.

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Risk Mitigation

Central to all information security is risk review and mitigation. By doing risk reviews and then beginning mitigation efforts this ensures that your budget is being expended wisely. This allows you the client to focus on the biggest risks, while knowing the effects of accepting the minor risks. Additionally as part of the risk profile process, an asset register is also created to ensure the company has a clear understanding of what they are looking to protect and what risks are inherent to those assets.

Digital Machine Shop has a number of services to help companies define and score their information security risk profile. Once the risk profile is created and fully profiled, risk mitigation activities can begin.

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Cyber Threats Management

Your company’s internet facing environment may be attacked hundreds or even of thousands of times per day by automated attack tools. From your web servers to your external API connections and everything in between, any vulnerability is mapped and potentially exploited.

A data breach causes real damage to your business and your reputation.

Know your security exposure level at the external internet facing level and in your internal environments. We provide a custom built “fit for purpose” scanning and reporting solution for knowing your company’s security and privacy footprint and exposure to security vulnerabilities. Our Burned Sands “Fire Tower” solution has over 60 different types of tests and reporting tools that carefully map out all the current and potential information security issues in your environment.

The best part is the starter package is free… After we set you up, once we find something we contact your to help mitigate and fix the problem.

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Subject Matter Expert Services

Our team has a rich level of real-world experience as a subject matter expert in a number of areas such as information security project management experience to building IT architecture that is robust and secure. We also have experience securing IoT and Cloud implementations.

From company-wide ISO 27001:2013 implementations to PCI-DSS compliance mini projects and everything in between our team members have the deep level of project management experience but also be a subject matter expert to become that trusted advisor as well. Combined with our pledge never to sell hardware or software, but to be only work in an advisory level, helps with the success of the projects.

If you have an information or cyber security project, please feel free to reach out to us today and we can begin the journey of becoming your companies trusted advisor in matters of information and cyber security. Contact us today to get started on your toughest Information & cyber security projects.

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Our Customers

We have been privileged to work with some of the top names in e-commerce, SaaS services, and Telcom. From tiny start-ups providing SaaS services to a sizeable multi-national telco, our team has been privileged to become these businesses' trusted advisors. Please contact us to help with your company's Information and cybersecurity needs.

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