Information Security Risk Mitigation Services

Central to all information security is risk review and mitigation. By doing risk reviews and then beginning mitigation efforts this ensures that your budget is being expended wisely. This allows you the client to focus on the biggest risks, while knowing the effects of accepting the minor risks. Additionally, as part of the risk profile process, an asset register is also created to ensure the company has a clear understanding of what they are looking to protect and what risks are inherent to those assets.

We also provide additional services that assist in risk management such as risk reviews and information security training

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Risk Mitigation Services

Strategic Controls

Risk Management

Building and maintaining an effective risk management process is difficult without having significant experience base to work from. Our team has that experience with various risk management frameworks from OCTAVE to ISO 31000. We have be your guide in get that risk management process off the ground and truly assessing your information security risk profile.

Once risks are assessed on ongoing basis our team can help with ongoing risk scoring and risk management. Our team has extensive experience on how to address cost effectively your most vexing information security risks.

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Vendor Risk Management

Since the massive changes in privacy laws across North America and Europe over the last two years the biggest push to implement information security frameworks is coming from the supply chain. Your customers aren’t asking that you have information security, they are demanding it! They ensure that they have compliance to the new laws (GDPR) they need to know that if they use your business for processing that you are secure.

To get that assurance that information security is being practiced at your company, increasing number of companies are asking their supply chain to fill out massive questionnaires. This information security questionnaires quite often have hundreds of questions on the state of your information security. The best advice is don’t fill these questionnaires out, before getting advise from a trusted advisor and your legal team.

We have the experience in helping companies get through this maze of information security supply chain questionnaires. Contact us today, to get us working on your needs.

Vendor Risk Management
AF training

Phishing Training

Almost daily your employees are having to deal with increasing sophisticated phishing and spear phishing attacks. A single successful phishing attack can cost the company thousands.

We are planning on offering full live training on what is a phishing email and how to spot them. Then we test with test phishing email and see who clicks. Coming in late 2019 is our custom phishing training program. We are currently in test beta testing and will roll out this service once testing is complete.

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Information Security Training

Your people are your first line of defense in Information Security. Your best investment in this areas to equip your people with the best in class information security training programs.

We have custom training programs to are tailored to your industry and your information controls frameworks.

We can handle small group training right up to larger groups on site.

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Strategic Controls

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