Fire Tower SaaS Service

Your business has a considerable digital footprint of potentially exploitable data and services on the Internet. Find these vulnerablities and breaches with our free burned sands service fire tower SaaS based tool set Please use the contact us form and we can get started to become your trusted advisors in the cyber threat mitigation field

Burned Sands Fire Tower SaaS

Fire Tower SaaS service

Fire Tower SaaS

Every business today has created a "footprint" on the internet of information that is very valuable to bad actors. Once they have this information your business is at risk of compromise or service interruption. Our burned sands Fire Tower SaaS uses a large number of free and open source tools (FOSS) to query and number of open source (OSINIT) sources to get a big picture of your company's digital footprint on the internet and warn you so you can mitigate the threat. All this before the compromise happens.

We named this service "fire tower" as it works just like a remote fire tower overlooking vast forested areas looking for wisps of smoke before the fire gets out of hand.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition for this service is simple, we are unique in that we setup the Fire Tower service for free and run it for free monthly from our Cloud based SaaS environment. Just like a the wildland fire tower, at the first sign of a wisp of smoke in the distance, we contact you should the service discover a high or critical issue and as trusted advisor help to find a cost effective mitigation.

Need more regular checks than once a month? We have a tiered paid service for that.

Contact us for more details on our tiered service levels for our burned sands service Fire Tower.

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Checks on your "digital footprint"

For each "fire tower" client we build a very custom profile of items to check. We use a list of over 60 free and open source tools (FOSS) to build a custom profile that is then based on your exposure to the internet. When new types of checks are written we incorportate those in to your scanning profile.

In your custom profile we query multiple opensource (OSINIT) databases for your companies information that has been collected by these databases. We also check the dark web to see if there are compromises. Then our cloud based servers start running profile check scripts agaist this information. We check everything from compromised personal and corporate emails addresses down to scanning your apis and webpages. Have misconfiguration in an area like a AWS S3 bucket? Our scripts are looking to find it. We have over sixty scripts, running thousands of checks on potential issues.

We have a free setup and monthly check tiered service offering.

When we find an critical or high level risk, we will contact you and we will help you with the mitigation process. We do this as a service to become your trusted advisor in informtion and cyber security matters


Getting started is simple:

1) Contact us to setup a free demo of our "fire tower" service.

2) Once you agree to get your custom "fire tower" setup, we will build a custom script that is based on your current foot print on the Internet.

3) This script is run on our cloud servers monthly (on the free tier)

4) When we find something of importance, we schedule a converstation to help mitigate the issue. This is billed out a proffessional services rates.

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