About Us

About our company name Digital Machine Shop – Our founder, Tie Hoekstra, grew up in a small town, and like many small towns or rural areas, there was a machine shop in the middle of the center of commerce. Everyone from farmers to tradespeople, went to the trusted advisor at the local machine shop if they had an issue with their machinery. This machine shop usually had a "subject matter expert" who could not only fix your machine but always seemed to have great advice on the next steps to keep your equipment well maintained to ensure it would perform optimally for the long term. Continuing with the local machine shop heritage, Digital Machine Shop's objective is to become your "digital machine expert and advisor" for all your Information and cybersecurity needs.

Our founder, Tie, has an extensive background in information systems and security. After his systems were hacked in 1998, he made it a mission to ensure that others do not have to go through that experience! In 2002, Tie was awarded a US patent in firewall design that has been since referenced in over 52 other patents from marque companies such as Cisco and Microsoft. In 2018, Tie transitioned to a Consultant in the information/cybersecurity world.

One of Digital Machine Shop's principal goals is to assist companies move past the paralyzing "fear, uncertainty and doubt - FUD" of the increasing security issues and threats that seem to be pervasive in our vulnerable industry and present them with achievable solutions to protect their business environment. We strive never to be the salesperson that sells the "solution of the day" but tailors specific enhances for your enterprise cybersecurity.

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The Objectives of Digital Machine Shop:

Objective 1

Provision of services to our customers that exceed their expectations, and as a result, we become their long-term trusted advisors in matters of information and cybersecurity.

Objective 2

Every member of Digital Machine Shop has professional technical and management skills necessary to provide quality services to the client.

Objective 3

We place a high value on the privacy of the persons and companies with we do business with and comply with or exceed all legal and regulatory privacy agreements.

As part of this objective, it is our stated goal to collect only the minimal amount of personal identifying information required to meet our client's security needs.

Objective 4

To achieve a fair profit in all of our operations. To build long-term relationships with our suppliers, vendors, and clients based on competitiveness, value, and mutual respect of objectives.

Objective 5

The focus of our operations always is maintained as the provision of Information and Cyber Security services. To deviate from this objective may create the impression of a conflict of interest and may damage the relationship as a trusted advisor with our clients.

Objective 6

To expand our company in a deliberate and balanced fashion to strengthen our ability to serve the end client and provide a stable future for our people. However, our rate of expansion will not be beyond our ability to finance or manage to a consistent standard of quality of services.

Objective 7

To continually improve every aspect of our company, recognizing our responsibility to our clients, each other, our communities, and the environment.

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