Cyber threat Mitigation

Every day your when you have business attached to the internet you are being constantly attacked hundreds if not thousounds of times per day by bots and bad actors from all over the world. We have created a services line of defense to help mitigate this cyber security threat. Read more below on our complete line of services. Our newest service "Fire Tower", provides a free information & cyber security checkup on your business footprint on the Internet. Find vulnerablities and breaches with our free burned sands fire tower SaaS based tool set Please use the contact us form and we can get started to become your trusted advisors in the cyber threat mitigation field

Our Cyber Threat Mitigation Services

Fire Tower SaaS Service

Fire Tower SaaS Tool Set

Every business today has created a "footprint" on the internet of information that is very valuable to bad actors. Once they have this information your business is at risk of compromise or service interruption. Our burned sands Fire Tower SaaS uses a large number of free and open source tools (FOSS) to query and number of open source (OSINIT) sources to get a big picture of your company's digital footprint on the internet and warn you so you can mitigate the threat. All this before the compromise happens.

Our value proposition for this service is simple, we are unique in that we setup the Fire Tower service for free and run it for free monthly from our Cloud based SaaS environment. Just like a the wildland fire tower, at the first sign of a wisp of smoke in the distance, we contact you should the service discover a high or critical issue and as trusted advisor help to find a cost effective mitigation.

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Managed & Unmanaged SIEMs

AAttacks and threats come from all parts of your computing environment. Your IT team may have hundreds of log files to see those threats and attacks in real time, but nobody can read tens of thousands of lines of log files and spot the bad actors. It just simply unreasonable to have a human systems admin parse these huge volumes of log files.

OOur Burned Sands Service Managed or Unmanaged SIEMS (Security Incident and Event Monitoring) provides a service that can automatically parse and keep watch on your environment. Alerts are generated real time. Allowing your team to focus on mitigation of the threats before the bad actors are successful.

Our service has a option for DMS to setup the service in unmanaged mode for your team to admin and act on all alert. The second option is to have the whole service monitored and run by DMS.

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Burned Sands SIEMS
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Automated Asset Discovery Service

YYour companies computing environment is never static, it constantly changing and evolving. System and Databases can fall through the cracks, leaving a prime target for bad actors to attack. Our Automated Managed Asset discovery service finds as many of those information security assets as possible and provides reporting on what the asset is and automated scanning tools to highlight potential vulnerabilities, so you can work out a mitigation strategy.

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Cyber Security Incident Investigation

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. The bad actors are able breach your defenses. We have experts in Cyber Security investigation and mitigation. We work with your team and data owners to make sure the incident is closed in a manner that preserve evidence and minimize the "blast radius" of the incident. We also work with the interested third parties to help contain damage and ensure the right people/entities are notified.

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